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Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
SWATH - Windows version

Current version is 2.0

Information on how to register your own copy of SWATH is given here. SWATH supports Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and can be downloaded by clicking the link below. SWATH is best experienced in the screen resolution 800x600 or higher. SWATH supports 30 000 sectors and works with both MBBS and TWv3 (TWGS) games.

Download: SWATH v2.0 [11454 kB]

Important! Read before installation: Release Notes

(Previous stable version: SWATH v1.9.8 [8320 kB])

By downloading this software you agree to accept SWATH's license and limited warranty agreement.

Please, send all BUG reports to support@swath.net together with a ZIP:ed session log file (<Name>.log).

How to use SWATH

To be able to use SWATH you need to be connected to the Internet. You have to enter the UserID and Password before you can use SWATH. To do that, just press Registration in the License Status dialog found in the Help menu. After you have started, you will be able to create and load TW games by choosing New or Open in the File menu. All TW games are saved in a <Name>.swt file.

You start a session by pressing the Connect button or choose Connect from the File menu. You can save the current status any time by pressing the Save button. It will automatically be saved when you or the BBS disconnects. Every session is logged in the file <GameName>.log. If you want to save a session log, you have to copy this file. It will be replaced when you start the next session. The log is very useful feedback for us if you encounter a bug.

When you are connected to the BBS you can use the main window just as a normal terminal. The window will display all ANSI characters and animation's in full COLOR. It also has a big useful scrollback buffer. You can Copy and Paste text and use Find to search for a text string. To the left you have a sidebar with the current trader and ship status. This information will be updated automatically when playing. It is mostly correct but can display some invalid information after certain operations. Use the I command in TW to refresh the information when needed.

Latest Version

SWATH v2.0


Use VMware Player
or Wine (See Tutorial)

Buy License
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