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EIS Online

Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
  SWATH Holodeck - Our open TWGS test server

As a service SWATH.net gives public access to our TWGS server.

You get FULL access to all games which includes Tedit access. So if you want to test a script or bug test a script or just want to polish your playing capabilites then your more then welcome to use our TWGS server and edit yourself the scenarios you want. There is NO access to server functions and you can NOT rebang a game. But you can edit any info you want. All games are MBBS+Gold Enabled games. If your a serious tester your more then welcome to contact us and we can bang a game for you to which you alone will have tedit access.

Keep in mind.. This is a TEST server that can be taken down for maintenance or get reset/rebanged without NO prior warnings/messages! To keep things working the server gets reset on a weekly basis.

Save yourself time and effort download below swt files for the games they all have the universe 100% explored.

Play Address  : twgs.swath.net / port 23
Tedit Address : twgs.swath.net / port 2003 Admin Password: SWATH

Game Files

  1. 100 Sector Universe
    StarDock: 69
    Ferrengal: 59
  2. 1k Sector Universe
    StarDock: 772
    Ferrengal: 485
  3. 5k Sector Universe
    StarDock: 705
    Ferrengal: 847
  4. 10k Sector Universe
    StarDock: 4437
    Ferrengal: 232
  5. 20k Sector Universe
    StarDock: 17579
    Ferrengal: 3701
  6. TEDIT
    Admin Password: SWATH

Latest Version

SWATH v2.0


Use VMware Player
or Wine (See Tutorial)

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