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EIS Online

Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!

Q: My visual map doesnt show up on the screen anymore!!!
A: Use regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SWATH\SWATH\WindowPos There you can simply delete the VisualMap_* values.

(Warning! Backup your registry before doing anything to it. Deleting or altering the wrong thing in the registry can make your computer inopertable)

Q: I keep getting a pop up that says game is configured for 5000 sectors. How do I change this to play in a 10 000 or 20 000 sector game?
A: It is possible to change the sectors in the Preferences dialog. Just choose Edit->Preferences and update the number of sectors there.
Q: No ANSI colors in the termainal window, it is all black and white!
A: You have probably activated the JAWS mode used by visually impaired people. Turn it off again in the Help menu.
Q: I get \\\"Java DISABLED: Init failed.\\\" when starting SWATH.
A: From SWATH v1.9 you need to use Java 1.5 or later. You can download the latest JDK here. Choose the 32-bit installer (i586).
Q: SWATH does not detect Java on my machine :(
A: Since SWATH is a 32-bit application, you need to have the 32-bit version of Java installed. The name of the Java installer shall end with i586 (i.e. jdk-8u45-windows-i586.exe).
Q: Do You accept PayPal payments for SWATH?
A: Yes we do. Just simply click the button.

Q: When I try to pay via PayPal, I get this: "Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be shipped to that address."
A: Only enter the two letter abbreviation for the state and PayPal will accept the address.
Q: How do I unlock my copy of SWATH?
A: You can choose one of these methods:

- Unlock your copy online by using the Registration Tool and enter your UserID and Password. (Recommended)
- Send the serial number displayed in the Registration Tool to support@swath.net and we will generate a License file for you manually.

Q: My license got invalid
A: Possible causes:
- You have played with the system time.
- You have changed alot of hardware in your computer.
- The license got corrupt for some unknown reason.

- If you got a registered version of SWATH, unlock your copy again.

Contact support@swath.net if you get any problems.

Q: How do I stop a script or command in SWATH ?
A: You can stop all scripts and commands by pressing the Escape key. Sometimes you have to click in the main window because you have gotten the Communication window as your active window.
Q: I can't start a script or command (it's greyed out)
A: Possible causes:
- You are not at the correct prompt. Most scripts and commands can be executed from the command prompt, but some require other prompts like the planet prompt (for colonize and resource mover) etc.
- You don't fullfill the necessary requirements. Maybe the script/command require you to be evil, but you are not.
Q: How can I make SWATH repeat a macro X number of times ?
A: Hit the macro key twice fast and SWATH will ask how many times you want to run the macro.
Q: How can I prevent SWATH to ask me how many times I want to run my attack macro ?
A: In 1.6.1 or previous version you can not prevent it from asking you. However if you configure 2 different macro buttons with the same attack macro and alternate between these two then you will not get asked how many times you want to run the macro.
Q: How can I run scripts in TEDIT ?
A: Telnet into TEDIT as usual. Click the light bulb to active SWATH and then hit the ESC key. You now will be able to run scripts in TEDIT.
Q: The turbo mode does not work correctly. It sends me off into Corp menu etc. and gets stuck.
A: Make sure your CN9 option is set to SPACE. This is a requirement for the turbo mode.

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