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EIS Online

Special Weapons and Automagic Tradewars Helper!
  Competitive Upgrade

ATTAC users will be able to register SWATH at a $6 discount.

Upgrade today and save 23% on a new registration.

Use this special upgrade offer offered in cooperation by the SWATH and the ATTAC team to allow people to expand their software library. Buy the SWATH Upgrade for only $20 license cost.

To be eligible for this special upgrade offer you need to provide some information to show that you have purchased a license of ATTAC. These requests will be verified with Earth, the developer behind ATTAC. All registrations are processed as fast as possible but please allow 36-72hrs to process your upgrade purchase.

Please Provide Your ATTAC Registration Information for verification.

Alias 1*
Alias 2
Alias 3
Alias 4

* Required Field
This offer is only valid for new SWATH users whom own a copy of ATTAC. Discount cannot be apply to copies of SWATH purchased before 9/21/2002. Discount may be terminated at any time and may be refused at any time.

Latest Version

SWATH v2.0


Use VMware Player
or Wine (See Tutorial)

Buy License
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